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Has your car’s check engine light turned on? Don’t risk driving until you schedule a professional inspection and repair. For mobile check engine light service in Florida, contact the experts at 21auto.
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Very often, noticing that your car’s check engine light has become illuminated on the dashboard sends motorists into a panic. The check engine light is designed to alert motorists that something needs attention. It could be a minor issue, such as a loose gas cap, or something more serious, such as a falling oxygen sensor which requires immediate attention.

21auto is your leading choice for mobile check engine light services in Florida. We come to you to take the hassle out of adequately caring for your car. Contact our experienced team today to schedule a mobile check engine light service.

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Common Reasons for a Check Engine Light

Bad Oxygen Sensor

A car's oxygen sensor works to control the exhaust emissions and informs the car about how much gas it is burning. When this fails, you may notice that your gas mileage declines. Other issues may follow, including damage to the catalytic converter.

Failed Catalytic Converter

Integrated into a car's exhaust system, the catalytic converter turns carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. As noted above, failing to act when your car's check engine light is flashing can result in a failure catalytic converter, which can be expensive to repair.

Cracked or Loose Gas Cap

A common reason the check engine light turns on is a loose gas cap. Try re-tightening the gas cap and checking if the light stays on or turns off. If it stays on, you will likely need to replace the cap to prevent fumes from leaking.

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La'Timothy Arline
La'Timothy Arline
Happy with my service on my 2006 range Rover my alternator went out and I was scheduled the next day they kept me in the loop as far as the technician arriving late due to previous appointment he came in and got me back riding I will definitely be using the service again
Sierra Hunter
Sierra Hunter
Quick, responsive, and reasonable! Thank you
Lisa Hodgkiss
Lisa Hodgkiss
Switched batteries and terminals on a 95 F350- Same day scheduling was available, quick service, and great pricing. Definitely will recommend to others.
Maryann Pags
Maryann Pags
Car broke down at the onset of hurricane Idalia had to leave my car overnight in another town about a half hour away in a desperate situation I couldn’t find a shop open the next day to have it towed to. A friend recommended 21Auto they went to my car found the problem & came to my home where I had it towed & fixed it. So happy with the process & everyone from the owner to the service writer and the star the mechanic!! Awesome service & I finally found after 2 years of searching a reliable honest & fair company to deal with for my car repairs.
ajay khindri
ajay khindri
This company has helped me multiple times over the years. Excellent service. Great value. Prompt service calls. Amazing job!!!
Robert Gingras
Robert Gingras
Absolutely awesome....highly recommended....not only are they reasonable.....but high marks in integrity as well.....honesty and integrity can be rare in this day and age.... 21Auto is outstanding!!!
Melea Patrick
Melea Patrick
A year or so ago I started using 21Auto for all of my car care. They have changed my oil, filters, timing belt, brakes, and just replaced a gasket on my engine. They are friendly and always do a great job and have gone above and beyond to make things right if there was a problem. It is a nice bonus that all of the service is done at my home, too! I highly recommend Sherrod in central Florida and have recommended him and 21Auto to my friends and family.
Mariela Hill
Mariela Hill
Fantastic Service! Booked online for a same day appointment, had my car battery replaced. Highly Recommended!
Jae Kwik
Jae Kwik
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