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Has your car’s check engine light turned on? Don’t risk driving until you schedule a professional inspection and repair. For mobile check engine light service in Florida, contact the experts at 21auto.
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Very often, noticing that your car’s check engine light has become illuminated on the dashboard sends motorists into a panic. The check engine light is designed to alert motorists that something needs attention. It could be a minor issue, such as a loose gas cap, or something more serious, such as a falling oxygen sensor which requires immediate attention.

21auto is your leading choice for mobile check engine light services in Florida. We come to you to take the hassle out of adequately caring for your car. Contact our experienced team today to schedule a mobile check engine light service.

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Common Reasons for a Check Engine Light

Bad Oxygen Sensor

A car's oxygen sensor works to control the exhaust emissions and informs the car about how much gas it is burning. When this fails, you may notice that your gas mileage declines. Other issues may follow, including damage to the catalytic converter.

Failed Catalytic Converter

Integrated into a car's exhaust system, the catalytic converter turns carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. As noted above, failing to act when your car's check engine light is flashing can result in a failure catalytic converter, which can be expensive to repair.

Cracked or Loose Gas Cap

A common reason the check engine light turns on is a loose gas cap. Try re-tightening the gas cap and checking if the light stays on or turns off. If it stays on, you will likely need to replace the cap to prevent fumes from leaking.

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Carmen Diaz
Carmen Diaz
This is my second time using the company. They always answer the call and be right on time. They are very well trained. I highly recommend this company staff very professional!!! 100%
Teresa Maria Castro Mesa
Teresa Maria Castro Mesa
Simple excellent. 10 to 10.
Thank you so much for the help man, you guys are a life saver
Carolyn Denise
Carolyn Denise
21Auto is an amazing Mobil mechanic operation. They always answer my calls and their response time to my crisis is A+. Ward and the 21Auto team’s knowledge is deep and Ward takes the time to education you if interested in learning. Do yourself a favor and call 21Auto for your next auto repair. My car is blowing cold air as of brand new and it cost 1/3 the price. Thanks Ward and 21Auto
Rachel Lyle Gober
Rachel Lyle Gober
Spring break trip with my daughter and grandchildren. Dead battery stranded me at Art of Animation at Walt Disney World. My husband found 21auto online and called them for me. Within a few hours I had a fresh new battery! Prompt and very friendly service. I would recommend 10/10 💯
Debbie McKinney
Debbie McKinney
21Auto is great. Always punctual, efficient and friendly. Thanks for fixing my car and for being honest.
Jocelyn Caceres
Jocelyn Caceres
I am very happy and satisfied with the work 21 auto did on my 2016 Dodge Durango, my engine light came on and he walked me through what couldbe possibly be the issue. Amazing people! Professional and knowledgeable - I will continue to use them and recommend them.
Valarie Tennille
Valarie Tennille
Fast quick convenient, professional second time using this company referred three friends
Manuel Guerra
Manuel Guerra
On time, knowledgeable, clean, professional. Walked with us more than one extra mile. Will call them again!
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